ARBET is a 100% Polish company. We are an experienced manufacturer of styrofoam, a leader in the country and one of the largest in Europe, with an established position on the market. The high quality of our products has been appreciated by many customers who use the real styrofoam. They are the reason why our company’s market share is constantly increasing. Example? In 2009, the company’s turnover was 90 times higher than in 1991. If you took all styrofoam panels manufactured by ARBET, you could lay a road that would circle the globe along the equator three times.

. Where there is a great deal of freedom of action, clear boundaries must also be set. Structures at Swisspor Polska are stable and rigid. Our customers expect impeccable solutions, which we always strive to provide. If the right products are delivered at the right time to the location indicated, our customers can work efficiently and profitably. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the best testimonial to our work.

URSA is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialisation of thermal and acoustic insulating materials, oriented towards sustainability and the energy efficiency of buildings. The company is present in Spain and in many European countries, thanks to its 13 production plants, strategically placed over the European continent.

Today, URSA is one of the largest European manufacturers of mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS), two complementary insulating materials which insulate buildings thermally and acoustically.

URSA products help reduce buildings’ energy demand, mainly in heating and cooling, allowing users to reduce their energy consumption. Regarding sustainability, these products not only contribute to final user comfort, but also help the environment, by reducing CO2 emissions, and boost countries’ economies, by diminishing fossil fuel dependency.

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